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Client Testimonials

Rebecca Lubilanji- Partner Visa

Choosing to use a Migration Agent is an important decision, choosing the right Migration Agent is even more so.  When we chose to use Let's Migrate to Australia we put all our trust in their skills and professionalism to help us get the visa we were needing.  We were only ever thrilled with the service that was provided to us.  All our emails were always promptly and thoroughly answered.  The agent gave us all the time we asked for in order to help us understand how best to apply for the visa and talked us through every step of the way.  We would recommend to anyone wanting to migrate to Australia to seriously consider using Let's Migrate to Australia; they are a delight to work with and very good at their job.

Rebecca Lubilanji- Partner visa- March 2011

Dear Jane

Thank you for assisting with the Visa application i am very relieved and excited about the decision that immigration has made it will enable me to settle and develop my life in Australia.  

Your assistance in the visa process was very welcomed as the paper work was overwhelming, having a visa agent to assist and check over this process took this stress away. Your service was quick and responsive to my situation and i would in no doubt recommend you/the company to other individuals that are seeking a permanent/short time stay in Australia.  

Kind Regards   Lisa Campbell-(UK Citizen) Employer sponsorship visa (457 Visa) – Feb 2011

Patricia Dura- Student Visa Lets Migrate to Australia is an extremely professional migration agency and I found them to be particularly knowledgeable in the area of migrating, working and studying in Australia. After consulting with numerous agents and working with a previously hired agent, I must say that Jane Njomo has a very good understanding of the specific requirements and guidelines of the Australian Immigration Department. She guided us to the most appropriate visa for my husband’s family.

While working with Jane, I really appreciated her ability to reply to my numerous emails in a timely manner. She was always able to answer all the questions, which constantly arose while preparing the documents and forms for the visas.

I most appreciated Jane’s honesty and assisting us with information about the visa procedures. She is dedicated to her work and is always understanding to various family situations. Jane is genuinely interested in assisting people and families migrate to Australia.

Thank you for your help Jane! Patricia Dura Sponsor to an Albanian Student- 2012


For the longest time, I have wished to work abroad so as to improve the quality of life for my family and experience a different culture. Australia has always been my favourite country. So when I saw an advert in one of the Kenyan daily papers in 2010 by Let’s Migrate To Australia migration agent inviting those interested to migrate to Australia for a seminar in a Nairobi hotel, I eagerly attended.

I was greatly impressed by the presentations by Jane Njomo and her team, and after reviewing my CV on the spot, I was advised that I was eligible for a skilled visa. Everything went smoothly and on 17th April 2012, my family and I received our Australian Residence visas.

What I found outstanding about Let’s Migrate To Australia migration agent is the team’s in depth knowledge about Australia Migration Policy. They carefully analyzed my skills and my personal circumstances and gave me the best advice. I highly appreciate Jane and her team for the most professional service that they to me and the way they treated me throughout my visa application process. I would recommend this firm to others who would like any kind of migration service.

Many thanks once again.
Eurry Karanja,
Adelaide, Australia
@ 2014