Let’s Migrate to Australia provides the following educational services to our student clients:

  1. Career counselling
  2. Academic/ Course counseling
  3. English tutorials
  4. English Exam Booking (IELTS, TOEFLS)
  5. College Placement
  6. Medical Bookings
  7. Visa advisory services (requirements and conditions)
  8. Visa Application assistance
  9. Pre-Departure orientation
  10. Airport Pick-up
  11. Student accommodation reservations
  12. Post-Arrival orientation
  13. Student Follow-up post-arrival
  14. Post-Visa services


For skilled migrants services include;

  1. Booking for English language tests for clients
  2. Ensure clients skills  and qualifications are assessed
  3. Apply for state sponsorship where required.
  4. Visa application, book for medicals on behalf of our clients
  5. Organize for flights
  6. Pre departure orientation
  7. On arrival orientation when required.