David and Monica Bartela

We really want to express our sincere appreciations for the much work you did for us till we arrived in Australia…..It was like a dream when we visited at  Eldoret office…..  

Both Eldoret and Nairobi offices kept us informed throughout during the process. we thank them for that because we were not in darkness, we were part of the process.

Visa application and Medicals process was perfect.. We did not experience any delays or problems. We thank Tonny in Nairobi for the good work he did especially when we were doing the  visa application.

When Visa was granted…we were informed in good time….We were invited for a departure instructions by Rose in Nairobi…It was wonderful…we thank her so much

Rose did booked  the airline that charged us the least fares….as during that period the fares were high.

Arriving at Sydney Airport Jane came immediately for us. she had  looked for us accommodation and that was not enough she went an extra mile and got us foodstuff   to start with, bedding, and other things i need not to mention.

the following day..she did orientated us…showing us shopping malls around….

we really felt at home…Jane kept  calling us ….wanting to know how we are. Even to date, she calls.

 we say thank you..God bless you

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